A growing collection of work reflecting the evolution of the artist.


Public Art

Enhancing public spaces with colorful, pollination nature inspiration.


Contract work

Creative collaborations with fellow designers, nonprofits, and companies through art and design. 


Fine Art

Ongoing creative project exploration ranging in size, scale, and material.

Blending New World -2.png


All handmade. No computer. Because sending and receiving snail mail is the best!

Cards - Blending different ecosystems that imagined to fit and flourish well together 

Sow Seeds Poster.png


Pollinator prints - Pollination is one of the most romantic stories to illustrate! Its a beautiful dance between two living creatures that symbiotically rely on each other for survival.

How to prints - Educational, affordable art created to inspire action. Each poster comes from Megan's personal experience of owning a garden and the love of learning about our beautiful planet.

Sticker Package.png


Watercolor illustrations from Megan's gem and mineral collection.