How to: Save the Bees

How to: Save the Bees


How to: Save The Bees

12" x 18" digital print on cotton cover (100% tree free)


When possible, the artist does her best to uphold her commitment to sustainability beyond her art and into her packaging. Her small prints are packaged and shipped into eco-clear compostable bags. These bags are made with polylactide acid created from the lactic acid in plants and certified compostable.


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This is a print made from an original art illustration using ink, watercolor, and homemade pigment. Homemade pigment from organic material such as tea, cabbage, beets, and spices. This collection aims to spread awareness on how to live more sustainably through art. Each poster features a different topic and easy to understand information along with fun facts. The inspiration for this series comes from Megan's own experience of having a small, natural garden that is 100% free from the use of chemicals or pesticides.

A NOTE FROM THE ARTIST : A lot of people are aware of what is happening to the honeybee. A lot of people also think - Ill plant flowers to help them out! Which in theory is great, but in reality, needs to be thoughtfully practiced. Pesticide companies are very numerous and advertise like crazy to the home and business owner. While pest management is necessary, it can be done without the use of harsh and deadly chemicals. Its also SUPER important to be mindful of where you buy your plants and starts. Make sure they are 100% organic. Better yet, buy inexpensive organic seed and start your garden from scratch. It is such a joy when we eat our veggies knowing everything that went into making them grow. Its double the feeling when pollinators come buzzing through and I know nothing they consume will hurt them in any way. Bee mindful!