How To: Compost

How To: Compost


12" x 18" digital print on cotton cover (100% tree free)


When possible, the artist does her best to uphold her commitment to sustainability beyond her art and into her packaging. Her small prints are packaged and shipped into eco-clear compostable bags. These bags are made with polylactide acid created from the lactic acid in plants and certified compostable.

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This is a print made from an original art illustration using ink, watercolor, and homemade pigment. Homemade pigment from organic material such as tea, cabbage, beets, and spices. This collection aims to spread awareness on how to live more sustainably through art. Each poster features a different topic and easy to understand information along with fun facts. The inspiration for this series comes from Megan's own experience of having a small, natural garden that is 100% free from the use of chemicals or pesticides.

A NOTE FROM THE ARTIST: We use the rotating tumbler at our house. It has been a great investment and easily holds/creates compost for our small garden. Its incredible how little effort composting takes onces you get started. To get compost going takes a few months, but the compost ultimately becomes self serving. Dont be afraid to use larger chunks of compost that isnt fully broken down in your garden. Sometimes we find avocado skins, pits, and coffee filters (from our pour over) that aren't fully broken down and we still plant them with our starts. There is nothing better to add to your garden than compost. It IS liquid gold!!