Blending New Worlds: Bumblebees and Barnacles

Blending New Worlds: Bumblebees and Barnacles

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5” x 7” digital print on textured 80# Felt Cover (50% recycled content). Comes with matching envelope. 

Packs of (4) for $16 

When possible, the artist does her best to uphold her commitment to sustainability beyond her art and into her packaging. Her small prints are packaged and shipped into eco-clear compostable bags. These bags are made with polylactide acid created from the lactic acid in plants and certified compostable.

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This is a print made from an original art illustration using ink and watercolor. This series is about exploring and imagining connections between different ecosystems. The waxed pots of a bumblebee hive co-existing with clumps of barnacle on ocean rock each created with openings supporting life.